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Way you can study Spanish Abroad Update 2022

Way you can study Spanish Abroad: Fortunately, regardless of where you end up, taking part in Spanish study abroad programs is one of the best decisions you can make. It is the second most widely spoken language after English, with over 400 million speakers globally.

way you can study Spanish abroad

Way you Can Learn Spanish?

One of the best things you can do for your academic and professional development is to learn Spanish. Not only is Spanish one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, but learning it will also open doors for you everywhere you go. 

Most importantly, learning Spanish will help you train your brain to think in new ways, which is good for your neuronal connections.

How to Learn Spanish?

way you can study Spanish abroad

Our programs will enhance your abilities and extend your perspective, whether you’re a professional looking to learn Spanish for business or trade or a student interested in studying Spanish and obtaining foreign experience.

You will be able to develop a genuine connection to the Spanish language and culture by combining classroom instruction with hands-on learning opportunities. 

Who better to teach you how to learn Spanish than native speakers? Spend a day learning in our intensive Spanish language school before practicing with them outside.

Top 8 Way you Can Study Spanish Abroad

Here are some of our top place way you can study Spanish abroad programs that concentrate on studying Spanish if you want to study Spanish abroad and gain some academic credits.

1. Valley Spanish School Face in Colombia

We want to caution you not to overlook Central or South America because we know that many individuals seek Spain for their fully complete Spanish language experience. 

If you want to learn a language, Medellin, Colombia, is a great place to go. You can experience the vibrant energy of contemporary student life while taking in the beauty of a distinctive city. 

For its on-site students, Valley Spanish School provides extracurricular activities like paragliding and tours of coffee plantations in addition to Spanish courses. 

Your immersion experience will be completed by staying with a local family in a homestay setting.

2. CIEE Summer Intensive Spanish Language in Buenos Aires

If you spend two months in Argentina’s enormous capital city, you might develop a new appreciation for Malbec wine, asados, and soccer. 

Bustling Buenos Aires, home to 13 million people, combines those traditional Argentinian emotions with strong European influences, earning it the moniker “the Paris of the South.” 

This 8-week intensive program might be for you if you’re seeking for an urban experience in one of Latin America’s most interesting cities. On the CIEE campus, the CIEE Global Institute, which is situated on a college campus, the faculty conducts the courses.


3. API Intensive Language Program in Granada

API’s intense language program in the heart of the Andalucia area can be a wonderful match if you’re looking to swiftly develop your Spanish in one of Southern Spain’s most attractive and culturally rich towns!

way you can study Spanish abroad

The API Granada semester program, in contrast to many other Spanish language study abroad programs, is totally made up of language learning courses. 

As a result, you will take classes designed to teach Spanish rather than just courses in Spanish about other topics. 

Granada is the Spain of your Instagram daydreams, with sun-drenched, tranquil plazas, winding cobblestone streets, and bustling cafés full of students, making it the ideal backdrop as your talents improve quickly (no filters needed).

4. AIF Study Abroad in Barcelona, UAB

If you’ve ever visited the second-largest city in Spain, Barcelona, you understand just how compelling it is. 

The varied culture that characterizes this Catalonian city explodes from the breezy, Mediterranean beach mood that hits the shore. 

Barcelona is a veritable tornado of breathtaking mosaic architecture (thanks, Gaudi! ), inventive Mediterranean cuisine, exciting nightlife, and inspirational discoveries around every corner (we’re looking at you, Sagrada Familia!).

5. ISA Summer in Lima

You should visit Lima. Peru’s coastal capital is a great location for Spanish study abroad programs thanks to its bohemian plazas in the Barranco neighborhood, world-famous ceviche food, and peaceful surf flowing in from the Pacific Ocean. 

Students in ISA’s summer program will have the opportunity to take classes at the Universidad del Pacfico or the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia to improve not only their command of Spanish grammar but also their comprehension of significant social, political, and cultural issues in Peru. 

Machu Picchu is only a short flight away, and there are many other breathtaking locations all around Peru (the Cola Canyon isn’t called “Peru’s Grand Canyon for nothing”). An unforgettable place to study Spanish abroad is Lima.

6. Semester Study Abroad in Seville 

Seville, the capital city of Andalucia, may be summed up in three words: Flamenco, fiestas, and fun.

way you can study Spanish abroad

The Adelante Abroad program may be for you if you have a solid command of the Spanish language—or a strong interest—and wish to plunge into courses in business, international relations, Spanish culture, and politics.

You will attend classes at the prestigious Universidad Pablo de Olavide in Seville, one of Spain’s most gorgeous towns.

7. API Society Development Program in Mendoza, Spain

If Argentina is Way you can study Spanish Abroad and live but Buenos Aires is too busy for you, Mendoza might be the place for you. One of Argentina’s most well-liked student cities is located in this well-known wine region at the base of the Andes Mountains. 

Mendoza is a superb study abroad location because of its bustling student scene and the neighboring mountains’ stunning scenery. 

The Universidad de Congresso offers a wide range of courses in both English and Spanish to program participants, and if you have a more advanced level of Spanish, you can take classes with native Argentines.

To speed up language learning, all students live in homestays. If you want to really succeed, you can even get involved in a project that benefits the community.

8. USAC in Santiago, Chile 

way you can study Spanish abroad

Santiago is one of the largest cities in the Americas and one of the most significant business and political centers in South America. It is nestled in a valley beneath the snow-capped Andes Mountains. 

Chile is one of the best, Way you can study Spanish Abroad because it is one of the safest and wealthiest nations in South America. Students in this program have the opportunity to attend classes at Universidad Andrés Belloone of Chile’s top universities.

Students have the option to concentrate primarily on language learning or to enrich their studies with electives in language and literature or targeted Latin American.

No matter where you decide to Way you can study Spanish Abroad, give yourself a huge pat on the head for taking this initial step because it’s only when you venture outside of your comfort zone that you can truly immerse yourself in a language.

Not only will you pick up the language, but you’ll probably also meet new people and create lifelong memories. Enjoy yourself and safe travels!

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