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32 Spiritual Healing Quotes for Inspiration and Motivation

Spiritual Healing Quotes for Inspiration and Encouragement: In life, problems are simply inevitable. Regardless of how well we’ve planned for setbacks, trials come out of nowhere. And sometimes they cause painful situations.

Spiritual Healing Quotes for Inspiration and Encouragement

Dealing with uncomfortable emotions is never easy. But no matter the struggle, you have the power to overcome anything. Perseverance and strength are our innate abilities. Always know that troubles do not last forever.

To help the recovery process, we’ve collected the most comforting and uplifting spiritual healing quotes for your ultimate inspiration. Spiritual healing quotes will lift your head up high. It will fill your heart and serve as a catalyst to the next stage of life.

Read through this list of inspirational and spiritual healing quotes and begin to mend and rebuild your life. From short to lengthy and symbolic to straightforward, there’s something for everyone.

Spiritual Healing quotes for Encouragement

  1. Time heals all wounds, but history never forgets. (Dakarai Jelani-Miller, Demon Saige)
  2. With grateful hearts, we receive the gift of healing. (Julie Yarbrough, Grief Light: Reflections on Grief).
  3. The souls of the sun, the moon, an ocean, a tree, and a mountain have the power to heal, rejuvenate, and transform lives. (Zhi Gang Sha, Tao I: The Way of All Life).
  4. The only path away from our suffering is to embrace the suffering. (M. Scott Peck, The road less travelled).
  5. Healing from grief is a gift given to all who have loved so much, and love is the eternal energy that fills the empty ache from which we grieve. (Debra Ann, Messaging).

Inspirational Spiritual Healing Quotes

  1. We need to acknowledge the suffering we are feeling in our hearts and give it time to heal in a natural order. (Deborah Manley, For the Love Of Grief).
  2. Healing is not the absence of the storm. Healing is the way we ride the wave. (Jarem Sawatsky. The Healing and Love Collection).
  3. Symbolic sight lets you see into your spirit and your limitless potential for healing and wholeness. (Caroline Myss, Anatomy of the Spirit).
  4. Healing is creating shifts that bring about positive changes in wellness that serve the highest and greatest good. (Karen Fraizer, The Little Book Of Energy Healing Techniques).
  5. The ultimate healing force for these negative feelings of anxiety and stress is love and compassion. (Guru Meditation, Guided Meditations for Self-Healing).

Heart-Touching Spiritual Healing Quotes for Inspiration

  1. Healing and wholeness are for those willing to be vulnerable enough to be made strong.
    (Julie Yarbrough, Beyond the Broken Heart).
  2. The pain is ever present, but life goes on and is still worth living. (Gary Sturgis, Finding Your Way from Grief to Healing).
  3. As with any life challenge, it’s important that we invite our angels to help us heal from painful losses. (Doreen Virtue, Healing With the Angels).
  4. Music lets you slip back in time to relive those days when you felt as if the world were yours. It can become the healing touch of peace and joy. (Gifts of the Spirit).
  5. Spiritual healing defies tenacious grief. (Julie Yarbrough, Inside the Broken Heart Death).

Touching Spiritual Healing Quotes

Touching Spiritual Healing Quotes

  1. I heal by sharing my pain. I heal by knowing it’s not real. As intense as it may seem, there is nothing real about it. It is intangible. (Anne O’Neil, If You Want A Rainbow, Welcome The Rain).
  2. You do yourself a great disservice by denying pain the respect it deserves as a tool for your growth. The more completely you understand how you function in pain, the more effectively you can heal. (Vonne Solis, Divine Healing Transforming Pain into Personal Power: A Guide to Heal Pain).
  3. Without confession to God and to one another, we cannot experience full healing.
    (Stephen Arterburn M. ED, David Stoop, A Bible-Centered Approach To Taking Back Your Life).
  4. Beauty and love, are the priceless things that feed my hungry soul and give it wings. (Winston Abbot).
  5. The final building block is the freewill decision to forgive, which connects the bridge to the spiritual realm or island. On this island resides the power to heal.
    (Wayne Kauppila, Opening the Door To Freedom With Forgiveness Therapy).

Spiritual Healing Quotes the Motivation

  1. Turning negative relationships into positive ones can be incredibly healing. (Echo Bodine, My Big Book of Healing Negativity).
  2. The healing of open wounds heals with forgiveness, love and time. (Maria Paige Vosacek, Dedicated To The Soul /Sole Good Of Humanity).
  3. Even in the darkest moments, when the rain falls on your life, know that a rainbow is waiting for you. (Jocelyne F. Lafrenière, Unleash Your Power Rainbow).
  4. We each have a story of wounds. Our wounds need to be shared transparently. Wounds can heal with forgiveness. Walking victoriously with our scars can bring encouragement and hope to others. (Dell Maestra. The Last Grain of Salt).
  5. We desire to heal; God desires us to be healed. (Carl Townsend, In Pursuit of Healing).

Spiritual Healing Quotes to Keep You Strong

  1. To Survive and Recover from Any Abuse Is a Healing That We Can All Achieve. (Wendy Edwards, Healing Answers from a Survivor).
  2. You can heal your mind, as surely as you can heal a broken leg. (Catherine Carrigan, Healing Depression).
  3. I believe we can help heal the world with something as simple as daily acts of kindness. (Carolyn McKinstry, While the World Watched).
  4. Healing the soul can be like lancing one’s raw, burned emotions, and tenderly bandaging them for quiet healing. (Joy S. Berger, Music of the Soul).
  5. Healing doesn’t mean that we get to rewrite our experiences and choose a different story. But what we have the power to choose is how the story ends. (Debra Fileta, Are You Really OK?).

Spirit-Lifting Spiritual Healing Quotes

Spirit-Lifting Spiritual Healing Quotes

  1. I acknowledge that healing my pain is a choice. (Stephen Arterburn, Healing is a Choice Workbook).
  2. I realize that injury can heal but sadness, loss and mental pain can also heal with time, but never leaves you. The door is always open to recall our heartache and our emotions – the loss is always there. (Fiona Dunckley, Tou Tou).


We hope you have enjoyed reading our collection of healing quotes. Also, we hope they help with any tough times you might be facing. However, for further inspiration please always visit this page.

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