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Study in Germany 2022 | Things to Know Before Choosing

Study in Germany: The decision to study in Germany is the best one for you, regardless of whether you’re an artist, history enthusiast, aspiring businessperson, or simply searching for an adventure. Germany should be one of your studies abroad possibilities if you have any.

Study in Germany

Study in Germany

Whether you want to enroll in a STEM course or choose a budget-friendly vacation spot.

Before deciding to study abroad as an international student, there are a few things you should be aware of about Germany.

1. Germans are Punctual

If you wish to study in Germany then you must know trhat Germans take great pride in being on time or, by North American standards, early.

You’ll appear like a true schmuck if you arrive late, even by a few minutes, for anything, from their efficient transit systems to private meetings to the commencement of sporting events.

Some might even consider it outright impolite. Before you go, save yourself the grief and buy a watch so that you may quickly check the time by glancing at your arm.

You can even think about setting it a few minutes early in case your tardiness tendencies are sneaking up on you from North America.

2. Speaking German Helps Immensely

Yes, you can get by in the bigger German cities without knowing the language, and they even offered some degree programs in English.

Practical language abilities will make your living overseas simpler from interacting with locals to interacting with government officials.

Fluency will provide you with a significant competitive edge on the job market if you opt to stay in your current position. You should want to learn, so why wouldn’t you?

Contrary to outdated preconceptions, German is a charming language that is reasonably simple for fluent English speakers.

3. Figure Out Your Student Accommodations

Germans are notoriously organized people. You will likely need to plan for a homestay well in advance of traveling to Germany.

If you intend to live in an apartment, we advise asking your school for ideas on the neighborhood.

The chosen lodging for the area is frequently an affiliated dorm or student housing set up with your partner college.

There are many resources in English on the internet today if you wish to hunt for your apartment.

Make sure you can discover a place that is reasonably close to where you’ll be studying in advance to save some time commuting.

4. Directness Will Aid in Communication

Germans are forthright, honest, and very direct in their communication.

When someone inquires, “How are you?” They mean it seriously and aren’t just trying to start a conversation that can be dismissed with “Oh, I’m good.”

When someone inquires about your well-being, they expect to learn more about you, your family, your current state of mind, and your immediate future goals.

Some Germans find the Americans’ penchant for superficial small talk to be plain annoying.

That German humor frequently relies on context rather than a knowing “wink” or an overt guffaw to deliver the punchline only serves to exacerbate the problem of cross-cultural communication.

5. You Can Fit In by Watching German Films

Particularly in the early 20th century, Germany contributed significantly to cinematic history. German cinema has seen many eras, including the Weimar Republic, Nazi Germany, East Germany, and West Germany.

German contemporary cinema has recently produced several blockbusters, including Run Lola Run, Goodbye Lenin!, The Edukators, and The Lives of Others.

We advise seeing a few German movies before you travel to gain a sense of the country’s culture and to have some fun with your German peers.

Naturally, we also advise seeing them in German with English subtitles. Additionally, this is an excellent opportunity to learn some slang to spice up your German.


6. Germany has Lots of Amazing Snacks

Study in Germany

Germans make excellent appetizers, especially when they’re supposed to go with beer. Here is a list of some you absolutely must try.

Currywurst: a traditional German “street meat” made of grilled sausages that are cut into slices and then topped with curry ketchup.

Spreewaldhof: These single pickles wrapped in a can will make you chuckle and are a tasty study snack, so have one!

Spritzkuchen: also known as German Crullers, are delectable fried pastries from Germany drizzled with icing.

Pumpernickle Bread: Germans are very serious about their bread. In reality, there is a large demand for bread in this country, with bakeries producing everything from sweet brötchen to savory loaves. You will soon forget about the staples of home.

7. Football is Sacred

Soccer, or “Fußball” as it is known to Americans, is very popular in Germany.

On big game nights, you’ll see bars packed with hysterical football fans, and it’s not unusual for fierce rivalries to develop between supporters of different teams.

In Munich, where the entire city often wears the red of the host team Bayern Munich during big games, football enthusiasts who opt to study abroad in Germany will feel quite at home.

However, you’ll need to get your tickets in advance if you want to attend a match there.

8. Sundays are for Coffee and Cakes

Germany has a very liberal attitude toward religion, but as a holdover from the days when Sundays were still regarded as “the Lord’s Day,” they have a very strict attitude toward “No Work on Sundays.”

This indicates that not only are most businesses closed (apart from train stations and a few other necessities), but Germans also dislike seeing people engaged in noisy or demanding activities.

This includes refraining from lawn mowing, loud activities, and even musical practice.

9. Germany Consists of More Than Just Big Cities

They’re a well-known study abroad location for a reason, but be sure to look into some of the smaller towns that can offer interesting exchange opportunities.

Small university towns with picturesque locations, built around castles, and resembling the scenes from a Grimm Brothers fairy tale include Marburg and Freiburg.

If frantic city life isn’t for you, it’s worthwhile to consider these alternatives as well.

10. The Immigrant Struggle is Real

Expect to spend a fair amount of time dealing with the Ausländerbehörde if you are not an EU citizen.

If you are from the United States and have been accepted into a university program, applying for a visa ought to be very simple.

Additionally, people who study in Germany and earn a degree are qualified for a stay and job-seeking extension of up to 18 months.

However, be ready for unforeseen obstacles and realize that no one in the German bureaucracy is interested in your starry-eyed fantasies.

You gather your wits about you and overcome the challenges of acquiring health insurance, proving your financial independence

Locating an apartment, registering with the Bürgeramt, booking a visa appointment, and having all your paperwork in order

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