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Highest Paying Linguistics Jobs for Graduates 2022

Linguistics Jobs: Looking for employment opportunities after earning a degree in linguistics? For you, this essay is ideal. The top eleven linguistics positions, together with job descriptions and starting salaries for recent graduates, are shown below.

Highest Paying Linguistics Jobs for Graduates 2022

About Linguistics

You’ll be able to explore a variety of fascinating employment prospects if you get a degree in linguistics.

The academic study of natural languages is called linguistics.

In a word, linguistics is the study of language, including how it functions, how it is acquired, and how people use it to communicate.

Linguists are also proficient in a variety of languages and find them fascinating.

Language experts have a greater understanding of how language functions than multilingual speakers and listeners.

A polyglot is someone who can speak many languages. A person who studies languages is referred to as a linguist.

Why Study Linguistics?

Foremost, linguistics aids in our understanding of the world. Every language is unique, like a different species.

It has its way of structuring words, vocabulary, and sentences to convey ideas and it captures the many views of the world.

However, we gain a greater comprehension of our reality when we contrast the words and sentence structures of various languages.

The study of linguistics can help people become more independent. Because it describes how we view the world and communicate with others, language defines who we are.

As a result, our mother tongue, or the language of the heart, expresses what is on our minds and in our hearts.

A few of the many fields that fall under the umbrella of linguistics are anthropology, computer science, engineering, the study of foreign languages, neurology, philosophy, psychology, sociology, and speech and hearing science.

A linguistics degree can therefore serve as the basis for a variety of vocations and careers.

Many useful abilities, including analytical and critical thinking, problem-solving, argumentation, data collecting and analysis, and written and oral articulation, are developed when studying linguistics.

You will become familiar with a wide range of languages and cultures as a linguistics student and develop cross-cultural skills.

Even jobs that don’t seem to have anything to do with linguistics can benefit from having each of these skills.

Best Linguistics Jobs

Highest Paying Linguistics Jobs for Graduates 2022

With a degree in linguistics, work opportunities are plentiful. However, candidates need at least a bachelor’s degree in linguistics or a closely related field to pursue a career in linguistics.

You can study linguistics online if you want to get a degree in the subject.

Here is a list of jobs you can pursue with a degree in linguistics, along with information on their usual yearly salaries (Linguists’ salary).

An undergraduate degree is necessary for those who want to increase their income by pursuing a postgraduate (M.Tech) degree.


However, linguistics positions are typically found in areas like:

1. Foreign Language Teacher–$43,264

Here is a career that requires a linguistic degree. More than merely teaching is involved in foreign language instruction.

People who choose this career path frequently have a deep love for the language and the people who speak it.

One could argue that these individuals wish to impart their love of the language and culture to a new generation of pupils.

Job Description

Besides teaching courses in a particular language, a foreign language teacher’s job description typically calls for them to also teach literature and intercultural studies.

They exhibit high fluency in reading, writing, and spoken language when teaching their native tongue.

These abilities enable instructors to foster a learning atmosphere where students may learn effectively.

From students learning the basics to those achieving fluency, foreign language instructors often offer a range of levels of instruction.

Along with spelling and other linguistic techniques, vocabulary, grammar, and accent are all included in the teaching of foreign languages.

2. International Aid Worker – $25,000

Due to the widespread demand for international help, linguists have access to career opportunities in the field.

As a result, the focus of international aid and development work is on supporting and aiding communities and individuals in underdeveloped nations.

Humanitarian aid work frequently entails responding to emergencies and helping those afflicted by conflict and other man-made and natural disasters, such as earthquakes.

Job Description

Charities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), volunteer organizations, and international aid agencies typically hire foreign aid workers.

This is an extremely broad area of research. Professionals in this industry may perform practical relief work, fundraising, project administration, and project planning, to name just a few duties.

They can be in charge of assisting with administrative tasks, managing finances, collaborating with neighborhood authorities and organizations, training volunteers, and drafting proposals, evaluation reports, and other paperwork.

Some people who engage in international development also do research, bargain with other NGOs, and lobby governments to sponsor and fund their projects. Others concentrate on strategy and policy.

3. Editor – $50,955

Selecting and organizing textual, visual, audible, and cinematic media for the conveyance of information is an editor, who typically holds a degree in linguistics.

To guarantee that the work is right, consistent, accurate, and comprehensive, the review process may involve corrections, condensation, arranging, and several other alterations.

Job Description

For ultimate publishing, an editor completes a variety of editorial responsibilities, including designing, indexing, and reviewing the content of written documents.

4. Natural Language Processing (NLP)

A field of computer science, information engineering, and artificial intelligence called “natural language processing” (NLP) studies how computers and people communicate through language.

It focuses on educating computers to manage and assess enormous amounts of natural language data.

You can apply for other internships in natural language processing.

Soon, this might be adequate for a full-time NLP position.

Job Description

For ultimate publishing, an editor completes a variety of editorial responsibilities, including designing, indexing, and reviewing the content of written documents.

5. Accent/Dialect Coach – $53,685

Accent and dialect coaches help actors tailor their voice and speech to a character’s needs based on the on-camera situation (film, television, or commercial).

They also used voiceover production in radio, animation, and stage (theatre, musical theater, opera, etc.) performances.

Job Description

They frequently generate training materials, impart lessons, collaborate with the actor on lines, and undertake a unique study on accents and speech patterns.

As a result, a dialect coach will provide the actor feedback on issues like plausibility, coherence, and understandability.

A dialect coach can also help non-actor public speakers improve their vocal character and delivery, comedians improve their celebrity impersonation, and so on.

Especially when singing in a second language, it aids singers in developing their diction and balancing tone and articulation.

6. Lawyer – Linquist – $55,870

Another profession requiring a language degree is this one. A lawyer-linguist counsels legislative drafting.

Your major responsibilities will be to follow the legislative process from beginning to end and serve as advisors, ensuring that the writing is of high quality and that the formal requirements for the presentation of legislative texts are being followed.

A lawyer-job linguist entails using common IT and office technology tools and frequent interactions with the many players in the legislative process.

Both a legal degree and a degree in linguistics are required to become a lawyer-linguist.

Job Description

They handle or give clients legal transaction advice and draft legal documents. Some of them might concentrate on a particular area of law or practice in several different fields.

7. Lexicographer – $35,000

Lexicographers make sure a user can rapidly access the data they require.

A lexicographer might focus on either the theoretical or practical aspects of lexicography.

Job Description

Lexicographers are by definition people who create dictionaries. They compile data for dictionary entries, create the entries themselves, and edit other people’s writing.

Supporting more experienced workers in the lexicon’s formation is a duty of entry-level positions.

8. Linguistics Professor – $85,439

Understanding one of the most fascinating facets of human knowledge and behavior requires a thorough understanding of linguistics.

Learning many facets of human languages, such as sounds (phonetics, phonology), words (morphology), sentences (syntax), and meaning, is possible by majoring in linguistics (semantics).

The majority of linguistics majors declare their majors for reasons other than financial gain; they do it because they are passionate about learning new languages and cultures.

Job Description

A Ph.D. in linguistics is beneficial for jobs in publishing, government administration, and international education. Others pursue careers as teachers or speech-language pathologists.

Others might get employment instructing English as a second or foreign language. There are many linguistics career prospects available to you if you are a professor of linguistics.

9. Subtitler – $20,385

The amount of translation and subtitling that subtitlers do for their local partner companies determines how much they are paid.

However, people who work for some of the top subtitling firms are paid significantly more.

Job Description

Any audio-visual content that has been transcribed and will be displayed on visual media must have subtitles.

They need different subtitling techniques for any two target audiences with differing aural abilities.

10. Forensic Linguist – $77,501

Forensic linguistics is the application of knowledge, techniques, and linguistic expertise to the medical-legal context of the law, language, judicial inquiry, trial, and judicial process.

Legal linguistics, medical-legal linguistics, and language and law are other names for it.

It belongs to the field of applied linguistics. As a result, jobs must require language degrees.

Job Description

Jobs in forensic linguistics entail forensic phonetics, a branch of the discipline.

They analyze recordings using acoustic and auditory techniques.

They could use voice recognition or data recovery from damaged sources.

Finally, this labor could be performed for recording studios, law enforcement, or both.

11. Publishing – $60,490

Another job that requires a linguistic degree in publishing. A publishing editor’s main duty is to make sure the publication’s tone and content are constant.

This suggests that they typically hold management positions, especially in newspapers and magazines where they are in charge of the entire publication’s content.

Job Description

Editors for publications work in several publishing sectors. These include the creation of newspapers and magazines, books, and online publications.

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