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3 Worst Study Spots You Should Never Consider

There are great study spots you should consider while studying. However, there are also worst study spots you should never consider.

3 Worst Study Spots You Should Never Consider

For instance, if you’re studying for an important test or big presentation tomorrow, there are places that can help you focus.

Have you tried every study method possible and have all your notes organized, but you just can’t seem to concentrate? If yes, then the article is for you.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the worst study spots you should never consider. Also, you will learn about the best study spots there are.

Hopefully, this guide will help you get to a great study spot so you can get the motivation and focus you need to succeed. At this point, let’s discuss some worst study spots.

The Worst Places to Consider as Study Spots

Below are some worst study spots you should not consider:

  • Your Bed

This is one of the worst study spots. While your bedroom can be a good place to study (if it’s quiet and you have a good desk), note, please. It’s not a good idea to study in your actual bed.

Being too comfortable can be a bad thing when studying. If you’re in your nice, cozy bed; the same place where you sleep every night — it can be all too tempting to take a nap once you start to get bored and tired.

You’ll also be tempted to get rid of your textbooks and watch TV or play video games once you get tired of studying.

  • Loud Public Spaces

This is one of the worst study spots. As said earlier, there are lots of great public spaces where you can study. But the key to all of them is making sure they’re relatively quiet.

Easier said than done, right? Yeah! It’s best to avoid places where there are lots of people walking around. Also, avoid places where kids are running around. Avoid places where the music is way too loud.

Not only will you hear a lot of noise from other people, but you’ll likely get distracted as well. This is because it’s just too easy to look over and see what they’re doing instead of studying.

  • A Bar

This is one of the worst study spots. While a quiet coffee shop is one of the best places to study, a bar (even a quiet one) is one of the worst.

Why? The answer is simple. There is access to alcohol. It can be tempting to have a beer or two while you’re studying. But it’s best to stay away from this one.

Having the occasional drink isn’t bad of course (although some might disagree). But having too many of them will definitely put a damper on your concentration levels. And it might make it hard for you to study effectively.

Alcohol is already well known as one of the best ways to deplete your brain power. So don’t let yourself go overboard when studying!

Now you know where the worst study spots are. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones so you know where to go to.

The Best Study Spots

The Best Study SpotsThere are lots of great places to study for school, work, or whatever else you have going on. Here are some of our favourite study spots:

  • The Library

This is one of the best study spots. The local library is always a great place to get some studying done.

It’s quiet. And it has plenty of comfortable chairs or benches. Also, best of all – there are no distractions.

You can really focus on your studies at the library. This is because you know that people aren’t going to be coming up to you asking for something anytime soon, if ever.

  • A Quiet Cafe or Restaurant

This is one of the best study spots. While a coffee shop may offer a good mix of studying and distractions, note. There are still plenty of places that give you more focused time to get work down.

A quiet cafe or restaurant can be an ideal spot for getting some work done. This is because everything else will be so far away from where you’re seated. No loud music or people talking in your ear here. Just make sure you choose a restaurant that’s not too busy.


  • Your Favorite Quiet Outdoor Spot

This is one of the best study spots. There’s always at least one nice, quiet spot in nearly every public area where I live.

Whether it’s under a tree in the park, near some benches at the mall or train station, or next to some planters outside of my local library, note.

There is almost always somewhere relatively quiet (and pretty) where I can get some studying done. Getting outdoors can definitely help to study feel less boring and depressing.

  • At Home in a Quiet Room

This is one of the best study spots. If you live alone, or at least have your own room, then it can be a great place to study. This is because there will be no distractions from other people.

Sure, it might feel a little too quiet at first without some background noise. But this is definitely an advantage if you need to focus on studying or working on something important!

Additionally to being free from distractions, studies have shown that students who studied in their own rooms tended to get better grades than those who studied in busy houses.

However, just make sure your room is comfortable. But then, it should not too comfortable. In other words, you don’t want to be tempted to nap. Or you don’t want to wind up watching TV or playing video games.

  • With a Study Group

This is one of the best study spots. Studying with a group of classmates or co-workers can be very helpful in many cases.

For one thing, you won’t have to worry about being the only person in the group who actually studies. Everyone will be doing it!

Also, studying with other people can help keep everyone focused and interested in learning more about what they’re studying.

  • An Empty Classroom

The Best Study Spots

This is one of the best study spots. Most colleges don’t mind if you sit in an empty classroom to do your studying when class isn’t in session.

It’s probably best to avoid the teacher’s desk and sit in the back row. But it can be a great place to study without distractions or people milling about.

If you’re not in college, you might still be able to find an empty classroom at your local college. Otherwise, this could also work if you have access to an empty office or meeting room at work.

Whether you have a big test for school or a presentation for work coming up, note. Having a good place to study and prepare is essential.

With the guide above, you should be able to find the best study spots that best suit your needs and help you get ahead.

Just remember, if you can’t study at home because it’s too distracting, try to take your studying somewhere else! With so many great public spaces available these days, there’s no excuse not to give it a go.

Be sure to check out this blog for more articles like this one. And good luck with your studies!

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