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Top Blue-Collar Jobs With Hight Demand

Top blue-collar jobs are typically paid hourly. These include the manufacturing, maintenance, mining, and construction industries. We have compiled a list of high-paying blue-collar jobs to aid you in your job hunt! This article talks about blue-collar jobs and all there is to know.

Top blue-collar jobs

What is a Blue-Collar Job?

Blue-collar occupations are those that require some sort of manual labour. Unlike white-collar jobs, which require education and office work.

Some of these blue-collar jobs pay more than what a college graduate makes, although doing them requires getting your hands dirty and soiled.

In addition, a lot of blue-collar workers require particular knowledge or abilities related to the work they are doing.

More Details!!

This is for you if you’re looking for high-paying blue-collar jobs! The good news is that having a college qualification doesn’t matter in securing a blue-collar job, even though these jobs are typically quite monotonous.

Continue reading to learn more about blue-collar careers, everything you need to know, and a list of high-paying collar positions.

Top Blue-Collar Jobs

You can still find work as a blue-collar worker even in a highly developed location. To find out where you fit in, read on.

Top 15 Blue-Collar Jobs with High Demand

Check out the top blue-collar job with a good payout.

1. Police officer

Based on violations, police officers execute the law and make arrests. They patrol the areas they handle, respond to dispatch requests for police help, recognise potentially dangerous circumstances or conditions, and assist detectives in criminal investigations.

Salary $54,306 yearly

2. Conductor

Train or railroad conductors ensure the safe and orderly transportation of passengers and cargo.

Their other duties include checking passenger tickets, providing passengers with help, and announcing the train’s arrival at a particular station.

Salary $50,254 yearly

3. Electrician

If you’re not naturally afraid of electricity, try this!

Electrical contractors set up and maintain the lighting and electrical wiring that are frequently seen in residences, workplaces, and industries.

They examine electrical parts like circuit breakers and industrial machinery to make sure they are well-maintained and running securely.

As an electrician, you can perform a variety of electrical repairs.

Jobs like installing and repairing telecommunications cables, elevator instalment, and repairs.

These are the added advantage of being an electrician.

Salary $50,128 yearly

4. Criminal Investigator

Criminal investigators look into violent crimes like murder, robbery with weapons, and sexual assaults.

They gather information during their investigations to aid them in solving crimes.

To further their understanding of the crime, criminal investigators also collect notes and interview informants, witnesses, and subjects.

Salary $53,203 yearly

5. Repair Manager

Repair managers recruit and train staff, carry out the facility’s required repairs, and monitor their staff while they go about their work.

They also serve relays and maintain the machinery utilised in producing systems.

You’ll also need to keep track of your activities and record them so that the rest of your team can see what work I have completed.

In addition, make sure the equipment is in working order and get supplies as necessary.

Salary $58,751 yearly

6. Avionics Technician

The tools used for an aircraft’s electronic systems are installed, tested, and repaired by avionics technicians.

This includes systems for controlling radio, navigation, and missiles.

Therefore, avionics technicians examine and troubleshoot a range of components utilising tools like circuit testers or voltmeters to ensure correct usability.

Salary $54,018 yearly


7. Construction Manager

Top blue-collar jobs

The construction manager inspects residential and commercial structures to make sure they adhere to building codes.

Before construction can start, you must approve any building plans.

They set up deadlines for deliverables, estimate project costs, and go to the site of construction to guarantee prompt completion.

Construction managers also make ensuring that every project complies with safety and construction laws.

It is necessary to have a college degree in engineering, architecture, or construction. Additionally, it’s a good idea to have prior expertise in a skill like carpentry or plumbing.

Salary $85,625 yearly

8. Attorney

Attorneys’ main responsibilities are to represent their clients in court. They could work on criminal or civil cases.

Document preparation, argument development, and counselling clients on the best course of action are all responsibilities. To practise law, a person needs a Juris Doctor and must pass their state’s bar exam.

National average salary: $89,307 per year

9. Production Manager

Production managers also identify the required resources and planned production schedules.

In addition, one must negotiate with clients and managers and supervise the production process while calculating production expenses. They also make sure that safety and health rules are followed.

Salary $70,362 yearly

10. Petroleum Pump System Operators

An oil refinery or big ship pumping station’s refining components are installed, maintained, and controlled by a petroleum pump system operator.

A derrick hand, commonly referred to as a derrickman, performs a variety of tasks based on the rig they are working on.

To control the flow of oil, they used handwheels in this hectic operation. Other team members will need to be told when to open and close valves and check flow rates.

As equipment may frequently need to be installed and transported from one place to another, the task is physically taxing.

Salary $81,219 yearly

11. Aircraft Mechanic and Service Techs

Aircraft mechanics inspect and repair aircraft engines and carry out repairs on aeroplanes, jets, and helicopters.

They check that all mechanical parts are functioning properly and aid in locating any damage, flaws, or malfunctions.

To fulfil their jobs, aircraft mechanics employ power and hand tools like saws and grinders.

Most of those who work in this field attend a technical school to become competent. Some people, though, merely receive instruction while working.

Additionally, they ensure all aircraft follow all applicable laws and regulations.

Salary $58,240 yearly

12. Civil Engineer

Civil engineers’ key responsibilities include planning, upkeep, and supervision of building and infrastructure projects. Their responsibilities may include power plants, water treatment facilities, railroads, and bridges.

A bachelor’s degree is the very minimum education needed to become a civil engineer, while many get a master’s.

Therefore, most businesses demand that their civil engineers earn a state-issued professional engineer’s license.

National average salary: $79,729 per year

13. Accountant

Accountants’ key responsibilities include managing finances, reconciling accounts payable and receivable, and processing tax payments and returns.

A company’s financial health is another area that accountants assess and report on. To specialise and boost their income potential, many accountants pursue certification as certified public accountants (CPA).

National average salary: $53,806 per year

14. Market Researcher

Market analysts’ main responsibilities are to gather and analyze market data. Based on their analysis of a certain market, they offer suggestions for advertising strategies.

For-profit, nonprofit, or governmental businesses could employ these experts.

National average salary: $62,886 per year

15. Executive Director

An executive director’s main responsibilities include managing the company’s strategic planning. This entails creating business plans, managing fundraising efforts, assessing marketing efforts, and selecting leadership.

National average salary: $74,523 per year

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