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Top Indiana Career Explorer Assessment for Student

Top Indiana Career Explorer will assist you in exploring a universe of options, making decisions regarding your future, and preparing for the following stage.

Top Indiana Career Explorer

About Indiana 

The American state of Indiana is in the Midwest. It is the 17th most populous and the 38th largest by area among the 50 United States.

Indianapolis is the nation’s capital and largest city. On December 11, 1816, they accepted Indiana as the 19th state of the union.

It shares borders with Kentucky and the Ohio River to the south and southeast, Lake Michigan to the northwest, Michigan to the north, Ohio to the east, the Wabash River to the west, and Illinois to the northwest.

Brief Summary

The Indiana Profession Explorer (ICE) is a thorough, user-friendly, and web-based tool that assists kids and adults in making plans for a career that matches their interests, abilities, and beliefs.

All Indiana students get free lifetime access to ICE.

Research-based career assessments, various methods of examining careers, and opportunities for post-secondary education and training make up the system’s core elements.

A shareable e-Portfolio, tools to write cover letters, resumes, and many other job search resources are also available, including information on where to look for job openings.

The system also provides access to state tools including Indiana Career Connect, the Hoosier Hot 50, and others.

Main Points about the Top Indiana Career Explorer

Top Indiana Career Explorer

ICE is part of a multi-agency partnership between the Indiana Department of Education, the Commission for Higher Education/Learn More, Indiana, Ivy Tech Community College, and the Department of Workforce.

Complete the Top Indiana Career Explorer Assessment

Check out the assessment explorer form you need to feel. Also, follow the instruction you’ll see.

Instructions: Step 1

1. Click “New users register here” under the login information on the Indiana Career Explorer home page at

2. New User Screen — click on the student button and select “college freshman,” then click to continue.

3. Fill out the information requested on the register screen. Use the arrows to scroll to the correct birth date, since you must select your date of birth using the calendar.

Create a username and password and store them in a secure location for future use. Select the campus of Ivy Tech Community College where you enrol under school.

You must read the terms and conditions of use before clicking that you accept them at the bottom of the page. Click the “register” button when finished.

4. You should now be on an Indiana Career Explorer screen, which will direct you to too many options for use.

5. Three separate evaluations are in the centre of this screen. Complete each of the three as directed. Save your discoveries. To verify your findings later, go to “My Portfolio” at the top of the screen.

a. Kuder Career Interest Assessment takes about 9 minutes to complete.

b. Kuder’s Skills Confidence Assessment takes about 7 minutes to complete.

c. Kuder Work Values Assessment takes about 4 minutes to complete.

Each of these assessments will guide you towards a career using different information.

6. At the bottom of the page, explore the Hoosier Hot 50 Jobs. Is your career choice one of these needed positions?

7. Print your outcomes, or On your computer, save the file so that you may readily access it again. You can use this knowledge to finish the worksheet on career exploration.

Indiana Job Explorer enables you to explore career interests and skills, whether you’re an adult looking for a new career or a student attempting to determine career and college alternatives.

You’ll be able to choose careers, create educational plans, and ultimately make connections with businesses. Create an account and take charge of your future.


Step 2: Occupational Exploration Worksheet

However, complete your entry for the discussion board using this information.

Review the relevant information related to your desired career option. For your occupational research, kindly utilise the following resources:

1. O’NET: (Click on “Find Occupations)

2. America’s Career Infonet can be accessed at (Click “Occupation Information” to learn more.)

3Occupational Outlook Handbook is available at (Enter the name of the profession you want to research in the search bar.)

Step 3:

Answer the following questions about the career after reading the content of at least one website. DO MENTION YOUR SOURCE (S):

1. What training, education, and/or certifications are required to work in this field? (Assistant Degree? a Bachelor of Arts? The master’s degree? Licensure?)

2. How much do they make, from the lowest to the highest? How many Does the Median or Average Salary Contain? What is the outlook for employment? (Average expansion? fast compared to average, etc.)

3. What kind of work is it? Describe the Particular Tasks Performed in this Profession. (Is it a relationship between people, data, things, or ideas?)

4. Describe the Working Conditions (such as the duties, time spent at a desk or office, the environment, interactions with the public, etc.).

What about this line of work appeals to you? Any shortcomings? How does it relate to your core professional beliefs and competencies?

5. What course of study in college are you required to complete in order to pursue this career? What actions must you do to accomplish your career goal (s)?

6. Do you still consider this job path to be a choice for a long-term career goal after investigating this profession? If not, why not?

Please include the name of a potential transfer school and a link to the school’s prerequisites for your desired degree.

Please visit the top Indiana Career Explorer website.

I hope you find this article about Top Indiana Career Explorer informative and interesting. Therefore, you can as well share with your friends and loved ones.

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