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Top Canadian University 2022 Update

Top Canadian University 2022: Have you ever thought of attending a Canadian university? There are hundreds of top-notch universities in Canada, and most of them admit foreign students. 

Top Canadian University 2022

Top Canadian University 2022

There will be a sizable population of international employees and students at any university in Canada.

However, many of the country’s universities are recognised for fostering a global outlook by enlisting international students and staff and supporting international cooperation.

To make things a little easier for you, we’ve listed the best institutions in Canada for 2022 and talked about how you can enrol in classes there.

7 Best Canadian University 2022

Below is a list of the top best Canadian universities where you can study.

1. The University of Toronto

In the top 20 of the World University Rankings 2022, the University of Toronto is the only Canadian institution.

Five Canadian prime Ministers, and authors Michael Ondaatje and Margaret Atwood, are notable alumni. There are ten Nobel laureates associated with the university in total.

Similar to esteemed universities in the UK, such as the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, the University of Toronto is set up as a collegiate system. Each of the seven colleges has a unique history and tradition.

2. University of British Columbia

Top Canadian University 2022

The University of British Columbia (UBC) is a hub for learning, teaching, and research on a global scale. Over 65,000 students attend UBC, one of the top 40 universities in the world, which was established in 1908 and has campuses in Vancouver and the Okanagan.

The university is ranked second globally on the QS World University Rankings 2021 list of the most international universities in recognition of its innovation and dedication to sustainability.

The institution has a strong international reputation for excellence in innovative learning and research and is ranked first in Canada.

3. McGill University

One of the best universities in Canada is McGill University, which is now ranked number 21 in the world. The university is one of Canada’s top institutions for studying medicine.

Three hospitals Montreal General Hospital, Royal Victoria Hospital, and Montreal Children’s Hospital are additionally connected to McGill University’s medical school.

Over 300 courses in over 40 disciplines, from undergraduate to doctoral programs, are available at the university. Therefore, the university is particularly well-known for its law school, which Maclean’s Magazine placed sixth in the nation.


4. McMaster University

McMaster has risen to two spots in the QS World University Rankings during the past year to become Canada’s top university.

Therefore, in addition to receiving top marks for academic reputation, professor-to-student ratio, and worldwide research network, the university also received its highest score for employer stature.

Also, 70 research institutes and centres are at McMaster, which has a heavy emphasis on health sciences, including engineering and stem cell research.

5. The University of Montreal

The University of Montreal will rank among the best universities in Canada in 2022 and is the country’s biggest university.

It is a public research institution with over 650 undergraduate and graduate programs to choose from. It has roughly 34,000 students enrolled with about 60% of them being undergraduates.

“Shape the future by training leaders who will offer knowledge and skills to their communities, is one goal of the University of Montreal.

It has several connected hospitals, including four research facilities and three teaching hospitals. They linked it with HEC Montréal and Polytechnique Montréal.

6. The University of Alberta

However, the Canadian province of Alberta is home to The University of Alberta (UAlberta), a public research university.

It presently holds a spot among Canada’s top six institutions and enrols over 39,000 students from 155 different nations.

The University of Alberta is a place where people come together to develop, create, and transform things for the better, much like the province in which it is situated.

7. The University of Ottawa

The multilingual University of Ottawa is in the nation’s capital. They established it in 1848 and now serve over 43,000 students annually through its over 450 undergraduate programs, 170 graduate programs, and 10 faculties.

Because of their ability to converse in two official languages, students who are bilingual can benefit from increased professional options after graduation.

A comprehensive range of degrees in many academic subjects, such as engineering, law, medical and health sciences, social sciences, education, and more, are available to students at the University of Ottawa.

How to Get a Study Permit in Canada

A Canadian study permit is required for every foreign individual who wants to pursue academic studies there.

However, if they approve of you, your permission will be good for the whole duration of your study program, plus an additional 90 days.

You must fulfil several prerequisites before you can apply for a study permit in Canada. These are what they are:

  • be accepted into a Designated Learning Institution (DLI), you must have the acceptance letter;
  • passport or travel document and
  • you’ll need to be too able to fund both yourself and any family members joining you in Canada;

You may require an additional set of documents. This will depend on your origin country.

  • letter of explanation;
  • certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ);
  • Custodian declaration, if you’re a minor; and
  • additional documents requested from the officer.

NOTE: It’s crucial to understand that the study permit is not a visa for Canada and that you cannot enter the country on its own.

An Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA), which will be provided to you by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, may be required (IRCC).

So why are you still waiting? Check to see if you qualify to attend one of Canada’s top institutions in 2022 right now! Share, don’t forget.

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