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10 Cheapest UK Universities for Postgraduate Taught Classroom

UK Universities for Postgraduate: If the cheapest UK universities for postgraduate taught classroom studies is what you are looking for, then you are at the right place. When compared to most universities in other European countries, the cost of studying for postgraduate programs in the United Kingdom is typically higher.

Best Cheapest UK Universities for Postgraduate Taught Classroom

However, there are some that are reasonably priced; this article will discuss the cheapest UK Universities for Postgraduate taught classroom studies; continue reading.

Cheapest UK Universities for Postgraduate Taught Classroom

Prospective postgraduate students can still find programs that are reasonably priced. We would look at the top ten cheapest UK universities for Postgraduate taught classroom studies out of the many universities in the UK.

1. Royal Veterinary School (RVC)

If you want to study veterinary science or a related subject at a low cost, the RVC may be ideal, as it is the most affordable of those United Kingdom universities for international students at the postgraduate level.

RVC’s fees are nearly £800 less than those of the second-placed university, the largest disparity among all UK universities on this list.

RVC offers a variety of tutored master’s degrees in subjects such as One Health (Infectious Diseases), Vet. Epidemiology, wild animal biology, wild animal health, and livestock health and production are all areas of study.

The RVC is the only veterinary science school in the world to have received the highest certification from the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association), EAVE (European Association of institutions of Veterinary Education).

Annual international postgraduate tuition fees: £8,925 (~US$12,030)

2. University of Chester

Second, on this list of the best cheap UK universities for postgraduate studies, the University of Chester has the lowest tuition fees for international students of any non-specialized university.

The university was founded in 1839 as Chester Diocesan Training College and did not achieve university status until 2005.

Today, there are approximately 19,960 students from over a hundred and thirty countries, as well as nearly four thousand postgraduate students.

All students are automatically eligible for the university’s scholarships when they apply, which means you could benefit from even lower tuition.

International tuition fees per year: £9,700 (US$13,070).

3. University of Bedfordshire

The University of Bedfordshire, which also offers postgraduate degrees for up to £10,000 per year, was founded in 2006.

The university has six campuses, the largest of which are in Luton and Bedford. Despite its name, it has campuses in the neighboring county of Buckinghamshire, as do the other campuses.

Before beginning their internships, all students receive training to help them learn new skills and prepare for the work.

Annual international tuition fees: £9,900 (approximately US$13,300).

4. York St John University

York St John University comes next on our list of the most affordable postgraduate universities in the United Kingdom for international students.

Chester, for example, began as a diocesan school in the nineteenth century and did not gain university status until 2006.

York is a well-known, spirited, and historic student town that is home to approximately 20,000 students.

International tuition fees per year: £10,000 (US$13,450).

5. University of Suffolk

Fifth, on this list of the best cheap UK universities for postgraduate studies .The University of Suffolk, which has 5,000 students, is one of the youngest universities on this list, having only opened its doors in 2007.

The main campus is in Ipswich, but there are also campuses in GreatYarmouth, Lowestoft, and Bury St. Edmunds.

Annual international tuition fees: £10,080 (approximately US$13,530).

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6. University of the Highlands and Islands

The University of the Highlands and Islands is among the cheapest UK universities for postgraduate taught studies.

It provides a growing range of postgraduate courses, many of which benefit from the university’s unique surroundings, landscape, and culture.

The university has thirteen autonomous schools and 8,000 students, as well as distance learning programs.

Individuals, natural surroundings, economy, culture, and heritage of the Highlands and Islands and its communities enrich all of this.

The university’s success is measured by the 40,000 students who are at the heart of its university partnership.

Annual international tuition fees are £13,840 (£10,300).

7. Newman University

Newman University, located in Birmingham, is one of the smallest universities in the United Kingdom, with approximately 2800 students. It is also one of the UK’s only catholic universities.

It has some of the lowest postgraduate tuition fees in the country and welcomes employees and students of all faiths and backgrounds. In recent years, Newman has also boasted high graduate employment rates.

8. University of Cumbria

The University of Cumbria has approximately 8,000 students and its main campus is located in Carlisle, northwest England. It also offers lower international tuition fees than most UK universities.

The university, which was formed through a merger in 2007, also has locations in Lancaster, Ambleside, Barrow-in-Furness, Workington, and London.

Annual international tuition fees: £10,500 (approximately $14,100 USD).

9. University of Chichester

The University of Chichester, with its main campus in the small town of Chichester, is another of the most affordable United Kingdom universities for international postgraduate students.

There is also a field in the seaside town of Bognor Regis, and both locations have recently been redeveloped with new and improved facilities.

The transportation options are fantastic. The University of Chichester is on the West Coast inject rail network, which is connected to the M6 throughway.

Carlisle to Lancaster is about an hour away by car or train. On [*fr1] hourly rail service, Lancaster to Manchester takes only 55 minutes. The campuses are small and within walking distance of town centers.

Annual international tuition fees: £10,620 (approximately $14,300 USD).

10. Wrexham Glyndŵr University

Wrexham Glyndwr University, the only Welsh university on this list, was also named one of the UK’s cheapest universities at the college man level.

Another young university (founded in 2008), it has around 6670 students, with 20% of its 650 postgraduate students coming from outside the UK.

Annual international tuition fees: £10,750 (approximately $14,440 USD).

FAQs on Cheapest UK Universities for Postgraduate

1. Which University is Cheapest for Masters in UK?

University of the West of Scotland – Masters start at 2,300 GBP/year. University of Strathclyde – Masters start at 2,400 GBP/year. University of Bedfordshire – Masters start at 2,665 GBP/year. University of Buckingham – Masters start at 3,000 GBP/year.

2. Which is the Cheapest and Best University in UK?

Being the cheapest university out there in the UK, the University of Bedfordshire is also highly reputed and valued. The university is popular for its BA, BSc, BBA, MA, MSc, and MBA degree programs.

3. What is the Cheapest University in London for International stuDents?

With a tuition fee of around $17,000 a year, the University of East London is the cheapest university in London for international students.

4. Can International Students Pay in Installments in UK?

You can pay fees of £400 or more by instalments from your UK bank account. You will be shown the dates and amounts of your Direct Debit payments.

5. How Much is Masters Degree in UK for International Students?

The average cost of masters in the UK for international students ranges between INR 10,70,000 – INR 31,00,000 (per year). It is a full-time course of either 1 or 2 years. The universities also offer many specialization options and the degrees can be either course-based, research-based, or a combination of both.

It is an amazing experience that we could be of help to you with this article, 10Cheapest UK Universities for Postgraduate Taught Classroom and to keep other people from having the same experience as you, we would like you to share this article with your friends and loved ones. Also, comment in our comments section below on how we may help you better.

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